Download XP Antivirus Remover

XP Antivirus Remover will help you remove the notorious "XP Antivirus" program. XP Antivirus is a fake antivirus that tries to trick you into purchasing this rogue security program. Our program may not be able to remove all strains of XP antivirus, but hopefully we can provide you with some tools or information that may be of use.

Download XP Antivirus Remover

Works With: Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7
Download Size: 1 MB

Using XP Antivirus Remover

Can't Install or Run?

If you can't install or run XP Antivirus Remover, restart your PC in safe mode (hold down F8 during startup). Once you have started up in safe mode, install and run XP Antivirus Remover. You can either download directly to your PC from the website or download onto a USB disk from another PC to transfer over.

1. Install XP Antivirus Remover

Click the download button above and either save the installer to your desktop or click "Run" to automatically download and install. Read this if you cannot install.

2. Run XP Antivirus Remover

After installing, XP Antivirus Remover should open automatically. Once the program opens, it will automatically remove XP Antivirus if it can. If it does not open, double-click the shortcut on the desktop. If you cannot open XP Antivirus Remover, go to Programs > XP Antivirus Remover > "Click if program won't open". Read this for additional help.

3. Install an Antivirus

Our program can only help delete XP Antivirus, and may not be able to remove other files it has installed or other variations of this program. We strongly recommend you also download or purchase an Antivirus, such as Microsoft Security Essentials.